Three Tips For Incorporating OCC Recycling Into Your Company's Waste Management Plan

Does your business generate waste from old corrugated containers (OCC)? OCC waste includes boxes, cartons, and other materials made of corrugated paper. Recycling OCC waste conserves natural resources by eliminating the need to harvest new trees to produce new paper products. It also reduces the amount of waste sent to landfills. Developing an OCC recycling program is an important aspect of sustainability and corporate social responsibility. Therefore, check out these tips for incorporating OCC recycling into your waste management plan. 

Assess Your Current Waste Streams

Assess your current waste streams and identify how much waste your company generates and where it's coming from. The type and amount of OCC waste in your firm will depend on the processes you engage in. Below are some common sources of OCC waste in businesses and organizations. 

  • Retail operations: Corrugated paper waste from retail operations includes cardboard boxes, product packaging, and display materials.
  • Manufacturing: Manufacturing operations produce corrugated paper waste from the packaging of raw materials, finished products, and the production process.
  • Shipping operations: Shipping operations generate waste, such as shipping labels, boxes, pallet wraps, packing materials, and packaging inserts.
  • Office waste: Offices produce OCC waste from paper, files, packaging, and storage materials for office supplies. 

Evaluate the various processes in your companies and identify areas that generate OCC waste. Doing this will help you develop an efficient recycling program. 

Develop Infrastructure for OCC Recycling

After identifying your OCC waste streams, you should develop a recycling infrastructure for the materials. Set up designated recycling bins and collection points so workers have the incentive to recycle the materials. Place the bins at convenient locations throughout the facility to encourage recycling. You should also install clear signage to remind workers and customers about the recycling program. 

Educate your workers on the program and ensure they understand how to properly recycle OCC waste. You can also set recycling goals, such as a specific percentage or volume of corrugated paper waste you want to recycle every month. Setting objectives will motivate all stakeholders to participate in the program. 

Monitor and Evaluate the Recycling Program

Regular monitoring will help you evaluate the success of your OCC recycling program. Keep track of the amount of waste that is recycled versus the volume of paper waste generated by the company. If you're not meeting your goals, you should re-evaluate and tweak the program. You may need to provide more employee training or invest in additional recycling bins to promote better recycling habits.

OCC recycling is an effective way to promote sustainability and reduce your company's environmental impact. Partner with a certified recycling provider to ensure your OCC waste is recycled properly.

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