A Useful Guide For Those Selling Scrap Copper

Just because scrap copper may look dirty and useless, doesn't mean it doesn't hold a lot of value. It's thus a great material to find and sell to copper buyers. As long as you keep this selling guide in mind, you'll walk away completely happy with this transaction. 

Know Where to Look

The first stage of scrapping for copper is knowing where to look. Certain locations tend to provide more copper scrap than others. Some of these include construction sites, demolition sites, county clean-outs, and auctions.

Just make sure that if you find scrap copper on private property, you get permission to take it off the owner's hands. You don't want to just take it and then find yourself in a bunch of legal trouble. If, however, the scrap is just sitting out abandoned on land that isn't claimed, you can take it without permission. 

Separate Pieces 

It's important to realize that not all copper pieces are worth the same amount of money. Some copper varieties are more valuable than others. So, after you're done collecting scrap copper, you need to go through them and separate them by copper type.

For example, you can put copper tubing in one pile and then bare bright copper wire in another. Taking this approach is the best way to maximize your copper scrapping investment. Just make sure that once the copper materials have been separated, you label them so that you know exactly what is what.

Find a Copper Buyer

Now that you have scrap copper and have properly organized these materials, it's time to find a copper buyer. There are actually a lot of them today, but they each may have different rates.

So before you even head to a particular buyer, whether it's an independent party or a recycling center, you need to research their rates. You should be able to find them on their website. If you can't, then just ask what the going rate is over the phone. You can then see which buyer gives the best offer, helping you maximize this copper scrapping venture. 

There is actually a lot of scrap copper out there in the world just waiting to be sold. If you're getting in on this venture and want to be successful from the very beginning, take your time finding pieces and preparing them for sale. You can then make this transaction go a lot smoother and quicker. 

For more tips and tricks, reach out to a local scrap copper buyer.