Disposing Of An Old Computer Or Electronic Device Responsibly

Computers and other electronics have a lot of components in them that are not environmentally friendly, and just tossing your computer or another device into a landfill is a bad idea. Over time the chemicals in the electronic components can break down and seep into the ground, causing groundwater contamination problems. The best solution for disposing of an old computer is to recycle it. 

Dismantling and Disposing

The first step in the PC recycling process is to remove all the components of the computer and sort them out. Many times there are parts like hard drives or fans that can be reused in other computer systems. In some cases, it is possible to sell some of the used parts to make some money. The non-electronic parts of the computer, like the case, are disposed of in the trash, but any boards or small components must be processed carefully to determine what is trash and what is not.

Donating an Old Computer

Some organizations would love to have your old computer or parts. Often thrift shops, repair shops, and charities will sell the system as a whole, or part it out and sell the parts to make a profit for their business. Because it is getting harder to dispose of computers, donating it might be the best way to get rid of the computer without the problems associated with taking it apart and sorting it yourself. 

Send it In

Many computer manufacturers will take your old computer if you buy one from them. They will handle the recycling for you and will not charge you for it. You need to have purchased a computer or laptop recently, and you need to pay to ship the old computer to them.  The manufacturer is not going to reuse the parts, and they want to help their customers and keep you thinking about their brand. Regardless of the motivation, the service is one that you may likely need anyway if you just bought a new computer.

Call Your Waste Company

In many towns and cities, some ordinances do not allow city waste removal to pick up electronics at the curb. Because the cities want to promote recycling, they have made policies about how these items need to be processed. In many cities, there are multiple processing centers available to take your old electronics. The waste services company can tell you where and when you can take them in, and they will take care of the recycling for you. Understand that you are not likely to make any money from them, but at least they are correctly disposed of.