Operating A Turn-Key Business?: Don't Forget To Manage The Trash And Recycling With These Easy Tips

Turn-key operations are so named because you essentially "turn the business on with a key and let it run itself."  They are the easiest businesses to run, since they are practically a "hands-off" business-you almost never have to be present for the business to operate. However, there are a few things that will still need your attention, such as a machine that is out of order or garbage and recycling that needs to be taken care of. Here is how you can manage the trash and recycling with as much ease as the turn-key business itself.

Place Collection Cans in Key Locations

Make sure you have plenty of garbage and recycling cans available. If you own a laundromat, for example, put one of each type of can by the doors, one of each can in the restrooms, and another set of garbage and recycling cans in the middle of the room under the folding table where people are more likely to pull dryer sheets, lint, etc., off of their clothes. If your business is an automated car wash, then place these cans near the entries and/or exits of every wash stall and near the vacuum. When the garbage and recycling cans are in key locations, you can help keep your business spotless.

Check and Manage Your Operation's Trash and Recycling Every Other Day

There may be days when your turn-key operation gets a lot of business and the trash and recycling fill quickly. There may also be days where there is nothing happening most of the day. This is why it is a good idea to check your business's trash and recycling cans every other day so you can clear them out as needed without wasting too much time and gas running to the business and back home again.

Invest in Dumpster Rental Services with Weekly Pick-Ups

Finally, if your business is a stand-alone operation, then you will need some way to get rid of several full bags of trash and full loads of recyclables. Invest in a dumpster rental service, which can bring you one garbage dumpster and one commingled recyclables dumpster for a flat monthly rate. Then you have something to dump your trash and recyclables into, and the dumpsters can manage your trash and recycling on overflow days too. Schedule weekly pick-ups so that your rented dumpsters are consistently emptied and ready for another week of typical turn-key business affairs.