Green Spring Cleaning Tips For Eco-Friendly Businesses

It may be winter right now, but spring will be here before you know it. When that time comes, these tips will help your eco-friendly business get your spring cleaning under way.

Clean Out Your File Cabinets and Go Digital

Spring cleaning is the perfect time to reduce your office's paper records and go digital. Depending on how many paper records your business keeps on hand, this could be quite an undertaking. Remember to order large paper recycling bins from your commercial recycling company, so your business will have a place to put all your recyclable documents.

Donate or Recycle Old Electronics and Office Furniture

Your business probably has several old monitors, laptops and desktop computers lying around your building. Now is the time to get rid of those old electronics. In addition, your company may have several old filing cabinets to get rid of after switching to digital records. If possible, donate your old electronics and office furniture to a business or charity in need. If you're unable to find a suitable organization that will take your company's discards, contact commercial recycling services to find out which products they'll accept, then arrange for a pickup.

Start a Dead Battery and Toner Recycling Container

Keep your battery and toner discards in one spot by designating a recycling container for each type of waste product. Doing this will reduce your office's clutter and ensure that each type of waste product is appropriately recycled.

Order Green Cleaning Supplies for Janitorial Staff

With all this cleaning happening in your building, now is the perfect time for your business to start ordering green cleaning supplies for your janitorial staff. Look for products specifically designed for commercial businesses but which use natural cleaning agents--like vinegar--to treat stains and clean surfaces.

Order More Blue Office Recycle Bins

You can prevent the clutter from building up in your office by taking an inventory of the number of recycling bins in your building and ordering more as needed. Look for recycling bins at each workstation and cubicle in your office. Each area with a garbage can already present should have its own recycling bin. This will ensure that your employees have somewhere to put all their paper clutter, thus preventing waste from becoming a problem.

For more information about spring cleaning at your eco-friendly business, contact your commercial recycling company today. Your recycling company can share advice and tell you more about recycling services that could help with your spring cleaning.