Putting Scrap Metal To Good Use

If you have scraps of metal, or other metal items around your yard, you may be able to use them as decoration instead of throwing them away. If you are a welder, then you have a huge advantage because you can make the decorations on your own. However, if you aren't, don't let that get in your way. You can still come up with the design for your yard decorations yourself and take the scraps to a welder who will put everything together for you. Learn about some great ways you can use that scrap metal here:

Make a bench

You can make a great yard bench for your garden or sitting area. A bench can be made by using tire rims, stacked hubcaps or other large pieces of metal as the sides. You can then stabilize a piece of wood across those legs to make the sitting area, since metal would get too hot. The wood can be attached to the legs by welding a metal strap around each side of the wood, then welding the bottom of that strap to the legs.

Make a small table

A small table for a garden, outside sitting area, patio or space near a nice shade tree can be made from any metal pieces that can be made to be flat on the top. You can get very creative here and weld together several smaller pieces for the sides and add a flat sheet of metal on the top. You can also place a piece of tempered glass or wood on the top of the table so it doesn't get hot in the sun.

Make a birdbath

You can weld together metal scraps, such as horseshoes, old tools or anything else you can build up to create a post. Then, make a bath to sit on top by pouring mixed fast-setting cement over a large and shallow plastic bowl. Once the cement dries, you can set it on top of your metal post and fill it with a couple inches of water for the birds.

Recycle leftover scraps

Once you have used all you can to add to the landscaping, you can still put that scrap metal to good use. You can take it down to the local recycling company where you will be able to turn it in for a cash payment. You should remove any plastic, wood or other non-metal parts before you take the scraps down so they can be properly weighed, which determines how much money you will receive. Contact a company like B-P Trucking Inc for more information about recycling metal.